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Free Pregnancy Testing in Atlanta

If you think you may be pregnant, Atlanta Care Center is here to support you. We offer free pregnancy testing, consultations, and diagnosis. Even if you’ve taken an at-home pregnancy test, it may be comforting to have our medical professionals confirm the diagnosis.

Our pregnancy tests are high-quality, laboratory-grade urine tests, meaning you’ll receive your results during your visit. The pregnancy tests detect hCG levels in your urine (also called the pregnancy hormone). As stated by the manufacturer, these tests are 99% accurate.

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What You Can Expect at Your Pregnancy Test Appointment

When you come to the Atlanta Care Center for free pregnancy testing and consultation, you will receive the results during your visit. Because every situation is different, we ask that you plan for about one hour for your visit.

If You Are Pregnant

If your test confirms the pregnancy, we can discuss your options and next steps. If you qualify, we may also recommend a limited ultrasound in our office to confirm your pregnancy. Our non-judgmental staff is here to empower you to make informed choices about your pregnancy.

Your options are:

  • Single parenting
  • Partner parenting
  • Adoption
  • Abortion

If You Are Not Pregnant

If your pregnancy test is negative, our compassionate staff may offer helpful education services. We can answer your questions about relationships, birth control, protected sex, STDs, and more. Our team is here to serve your needs and advocate for you without judgment.

If you think there’s still a chance you may be pregnant despite a negative test result, you are welcome to come back for a re-test at no cost to you, or we can provide a referral for a blood test. We do not offer blood pregnancy tests in our office.

For Guys

Atlanta Care Center also offers support for men in relationships experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Please schedule an appointment online or call us at 404-870-0788. You can learn more about our support for men here.