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About Our Pregnancy Clinic

Atlanta Care Center provides services to help women facing unintended pregnancies, including free of charge pregnancy testing and consultation, free of charge pregnancy diagnosis including the verification of an intra-uterine pregnancy via ultrasound for qualified patients, and evidence-based abortion education. We’re committed to giving you the help, care, and compassion you need to make an informed choice regarding your pregnancy.

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What You Can Expect at Atlanta Care Center

During your appointment at Atlanta Care Center, our compassionate staff will welcome you and treat you with respect. You can expect discrete care and non-judgmental support no matter your situation.

All our services are free of charge – so there’s no need to worry about payment!

Our experienced medical team and support staff are trained to answer your questions and help you process the complex emotions when facing an unexpected pregnancy. We serve as your advocate and empower you to make an informed decision about your pregnancy.

Our medical and support services include:

  • Free of charge pregnancy testing and consultation
  • Free of charge pregnancy diagnosis that may include verification of an intra-uterine pregnancy via ultrasound
  • Support care
  • Dedicated support care for fathers
  • Dedicated support care for pregnant students

How to Make an Appointment for Free Pregnancy Testing & Consultation

It’s easy to make an appointment for free pregnancy testing and consultation at Atlanta Care Center.

You can…

Schedule an appointment online

We offer a convenient option to schedule your pregnancy testing and consultation online. Click here to schedule an appointment.

Call our office

For your convenience, call our office at 404-870-0788. We will respond as soon as we can during regular office hours.