Helping A Friend

You’ve Come To The Right Place

Every year, our center talks to friends, boyfriends, and parents of young women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. If you’re helping her through this difficult situation, let us know how Atlanta Care Center can help. Our counselors can answer all the questions you – or she – may have about her pregnancy and options available.

Don’t Panic Before You’re Sure

If your friend is worried about being pregnant, the most important thing she can do right now is have a dependable test to know for sure. Atlanta Care Center offers free pregnancy tests that are medical quality and more accurate than many home tests.

Is She Considering Abortion?

Before your friend visits an abortion clinic in Atlanta, she should visit Atlanta Care Center to learn more about the specific procedures of each available abortion method and their associated risks. Our counselors can provide her with information about the abortion methods that may be available to her. There’s a lot to consider, and we’re here to care for her – just like you. Make an appointment for her at Atlanta Care Center. Our services are free and confidential.

Many Pregnancies End In Miscarriage

Even if your friend has had a positive pregnancy test and is thinking about abortion, she should know that up to 25% of pregnancies end in natural miscarriage, making an abortion unnecessary. An ultrasound will help determine if her pregnancy is able to survive or if the pregnancy might end naturally through a miscarriage. Your friend can make an appointment to visit Atlanta Care Center to qualify for a free ultrasound.

Pressure From Family And Friends

You Should Know: A coerced abortion is illegal under Georgia law.

An unplanned pregnancy often brings added pressure if your friend is worried about disappointing family and friends or losing a boyfriend. With these worries, slowing down long enough to make an informed choice can be difficult. Atlanta Care Center can help her work through all the aspects of her situation and provide all the information about abortion and her options. Our goal is to give her the freedom to choose what is best for her unique circumstances and herself. Make sure your friend knows that she can make an appointment today to talk to someone at Atlanta Care Center. Male and female counselors are also available to speak to her parents or boyfriend in a private setting to work through the situation.

Already A Parent?

early pregnancy symptomsPregnancy symptoms can be alarming if you’re a parent who wasn’t planning on more children. Learn about resources that can help.

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Help A Friend?

help a friend in atlanta gaIf you’re helping a friend who thinks she’s pregnant, tell her about Atlanta Care Center and talk to her about her next steps.

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On Campus?

pregnant on campus atlanta care pregnancy center can helpPregnancy as a student probably wasn’t in your plans. Visit Atlanta Care Center to discuss your situation and your options.

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schedule an appointmentMake an appointment for a free pregnancy test, abortion information and other services to help with unplanned pregnancy.

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